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An underground power supply box with various electrical connections for use in public spaces for street markets and similar.

The BeNed market power supply boxfeatures a separate manager's compartment, providing a separation between the manager and the end user.

A selection of sockets is provided in the users compartment which can be opened individually, so that the users themselves can easily insert and remove plugs. The box is easily opened with a square socket. A plug can be inserted immediately in the socket with all models. Once the plug is inserted the cover can be closed.The cover drops automatically into the locked position leaving no obstructions. Cables exit the box via a slot, so that the box does not protrude in either its active or passive positions and the surface is always free of obstacles.

The housing makes use of the unique bell trap system.
The box can be fully inset into a flat surface.


To open the manager's compartment of the market power supply housing first unlock the ground level cover with a square socket. A lock with a crank handle is located behind the cover.
Having unlocked the crank handle the entire cover can be unlocked by leverage and then opened. It opens easily thanks to the special gas springs used.
Once opened an external device prevents the cover from falling.

The air chamber housing the mounting plate and the equipment is fitted to the cover.
With the cover in the vertical position after opening the equipment can be accessed safely and easily.
An optional step plate can be fitted in the housing to facilitate user convenience.
The housing need only be operated for regular maintenance and in the event of a fault.


  • External dimensions (l x b x d):
    - Standard: 1485 x 1223 x 600 mm.
    - Compact: 745 x 1223 x 600 mm.

  • The cover can be in matt blasted stainless steel, or ready for the application of surfacing materials.

  • Maximal load on cover: 12.5 tonnes in accordance with standard EN124.

  • Suitable for power supplies from the electricity company.

  • Housing in stainless steel.

  • The cover can be provided with either one or two gas springs with protection from personal injury.
    - Lockable with europrofile half cylinder lock.
    - The bell trap protects the equipment against the ingress of water (no connection to the drainage system is required).
    - Satisfies electrical standards.


  • The market power supply:
    - Standard: 8 air chambers, max. 16 connections.
    - Compact: 4 air chambers, max. 8 connections.

  • Effective internal space available for equipment (w x h x d):
    - Standard: 1180 x 480 x 200 mm.
    - Compact: 480 x 480 x 200 mm.

  • External dimensions (b x h x d):
    - Standard: 1485 x 1223 x 600 mm.
    - Compact: 745 x 1223 x 600 mm.


The housing is guaranteed for 12 months following delivery.

The housings are manufactured by BeNed BVBA.